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Rural Health Challenges

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Rural families face many challenges, one of those being access to quality healthcare. Between long commutes, the EXPENSE of care and crazy working hours, our health and wellness sometimes gets put on the back burner.  


Often times we choose to "suffer through it" to get the job done.  Not only this, but expense and time often make supporting our kids' health a source of  stress. 

Simple things that every rural family can do to support  a healthier lifestyle.


Eat Right

Everything we eat either fights or feeds disease.



Lack of exercise is not a problem that most of us country folk have, but we still need to make a conscious effort to make it a part of our every day life.


Rest and Manage Stress

Sleep in so very important to our overall health, and with our busy lives, it sometimes just doesn't happen!  Stress and mental health issues are a major problem among rural Americans, so managing them is a top priority.


Reduce Exposure to Potentially Toxic Chemicals

We are surrounded by them every day - just look in your cleaning cabinet!  We can easily reduce our exposure by using natural tools that God gave us.


Informed Self Care

Be your own advocate for your health and wellness.  Know your options, and stand up for them!


Proactive VS Reactive Medical Care

It's hard, I KNOW!   But taking a offensive approach to your health is much cheaper than treating illness.

My Secret Weapon...Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Natural health solutions were the farthest thing from my mind! 0h, I had dappled a bit seeing different health specialists who 

My family is now confidently using Safe, Effective and Natural solutions in our home. I don't stress anymore about what do to when we encounter those every day problems.


"I can not imagine the state my stomach would be in today if Kacey had not recommened doTERRA products to help me. Her recommendations for products and usage, has helped me get through several health issues and I feel safer using the natural solutions she has offered. Digest Zen has been like a miracle for me!"  Linda B.

How to Start...


"After cutting the inside of my index finger to the bone, I used the oils in Correct X topically on the wound. After a few days, I used Correct X under a bandaid daily until wound improved. (No stitches) Amazing results!" Rita F.

Wait! Aren't Essential Oils a crazy "hippie-dippie thing??

I know what you are thinking... because I was just like you.  "Alternative" solutions were WEIRD and honestly, they were the last thing on my mind.   

But one day, everything changed.

When my youngest son was born, it quickly became obvious that he was allergic to EVERYTHING!  Lotions, detergents, soap, anything that contained any type of fragrance or synthetic chemical would make his skin become very irritated.   For 3 years, we battled constant skin irritations, runny noses, swollen eyes, respiratory issues and an overall crabby and unhealthy kid.  


As a mom, you probably know how heartbreaking and stressful that can be!   After thousands of dollars, hundreds of sleepless nights, and countless doctor's appointments where I didn't feel my opinion was valued,  I KNEW there had to be a better way to take care of my family and myself.  That is when began studying, researching and seeking alternatives.  

In my quest, I discovered that there is more to your health than just treating symptoms!  I discovered a wealth of information about nutrition, sleep, reducing stress, and natural & safe alternatives for wellness.  


And I discovered doTERRA.  

Now that I know how to focus on natural prevention and have incorporated essential oils into my family’s healthier lifestyle, I’m passionate about supporting other families in their journey.  


You CAN live a healthier life in a more natural way.

Isn't your family worth it?

My doTERRA story
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