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Start your Business in 3 Steps

Step 1

Enroll As a Wholesale Customer

In order to sell doTERRA wellness products, you need to have them in your home, so you can use them yourself.  There are kits for every budget.  I suggest setting a budget to start your business, then choosing a kit that meets that budget.   I can personally guide you through this process if you feel hesitant.  

Step 2

Use the Products with Your Family

When you try to sell something that you don't believe in, it just feels icky!  When you start using essential oils, and you get to see firsthand that difference they make, you can authentically share your experiences with others.  

Step 3

Connect to Learn

Congratulations!  Now that you have essential oils in your home, and you are using (and loving) them, you are ready to build your business.   We will connect as soon as possible so we can discuss your goals and vision.  Then, I will help you build a custom plan, with support and education every step of the way!

Members Only

Need a Consultation Visit?

Click the"Let's Chat" Button and I will help you.

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