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Know where your food comes from...

Good health starts on the farm or ranch, with healthy soil and healthy animals

Our  Ranch...

Dry Fork Ranch is a multi-generational, family owned and operated ranch located in the Northwest corner of Colorado. With some of the most scenic, remote and open areas in the state, our little part of the country is ideal for raising livestock, as much of the terrain is too rocky, too steep and otherwise inaccessible for crop farming.   ​The ranch is located below the Routt National Forest, where the terrain consists of hills covered with service and oak brush in the upper portion, to the lower end, where it is primarily sage brush and native grass covered range pastures.  In the middle, irrigated meadows and alfalfa fields can be found. 

Bill and Ramona Green moved to the Craig, Colorado area in 1979 when my husband Chad, was just a babe.   Now, we are happy to be able to continue the family tradition with our two children. 3 generations live and work this this life year-round, so we know the business and strive to produce a top-notch product.  We take the utmost care and consideration in raising healthy livestock.    


We are excited to announce direct selling of wholesome and nutritious lamb and beef.   ​ We keep meticulous records, so we know if and when any animal has been treated with antibiotics, and we ONLY use them when necessary for illness. 

Our  philosophy...

We believe that family farms and ranches are truly the backbone of America.  Skills and traditions are passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that your food has been produced with the utmost consideration and care.


Unfortunately, in trying to keep up with global demand, the food production industry has become more focused more on quantity than quality, and in turn, the livestock industry has suffered from a bad reputation and image that has been perpetrated by a few bad actors..  This is a conundrum that we don't have an answer for, we can only do what we know is right and raise our livestock with care and integrity.   When you have questions about our beef and lamb, we will answer with open honesty.   We care for the land, because we know that without sustainable soil and vegetation practices, our ranch would be out of business.    

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