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I am Breaking up with Chalk Paint...

You know when something is so good, you think it just can't get any better? Well, that is how I felt the day I discovered chalk paint. Paint anything? No prep? Sign me up!! I love finding old and abandoned treasures and giving them new life with a little chalk paint. I have done some really fun projects with chalk paint, and it opened up a whole new level of crafting for me.

But recently I discovered something better, and I am a little sad to say, that as of today, I am breaking up with chalk paint and moving on..... are you ready??

I hope they don't mind that I borrowed this photo...

This is Fusion Mineral Paint. It has many of the same amazing features as chalk paint, but (I think) its even better!

Here are Some Things I love Fusion Mineral Paint:

Price is comparable to chalk paint

One Coat Coverage - seriously!

Stores better - chalk paint tends to harden if you have a little left at the end of a project

Beautiful Color Selection

No Odor - No VOCs - Water Based


Want to check out my first project?

I picked up this sturdy cabinet at a yard sale for $10. I loved that it had good bones, and all those little cubbies inside gives it lots of character. OH - and the old hardware... very cool.

Here goes nothing... For this project, I chose the color "Homestead Blue" because it just kind of fits me!

With the first brush stroke, I was really impressed with the coverage. This wood was old and dry, and the paint went on amazingly well. I am a bit of a messy painter, and I like things to look rustic, so this was perfect. Had I wanted a cleaner, more crisp end result, I would have either painted with a little more precision, or possibly done a second coat.

For the top of the cabinet, I wanted some contrast, but I also wanted to play around a little with the paint. I (messily) applied a coat of stain and let it dry. Then I sanded off a few random spots to make it look rough. I mixed just a dab of the mineral paint with water and went over the whole top, then wiped it back off with a rag. The blue settled into the lines and cracks and I love the end look - so much dimension!

Here is my little cabinet all complete. Its fun and rustic... Fusion Mineral paint for the win!!

Learn more about this product and find a local retailer HERE.

This blog post was not solicited, nor endorsed by Fusion Mineral Paint. I am just a crafty gal, sharing a fun story and a great product!




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